Creditable Coverage Letter

2022 for 2023 Creditable Coverage Letter

COVID-19 Information

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Employee and Change form – use for enrollments, terminations, and changes effective 1/1/2023 and after, including Open Enrollment submissions


HBP Plan Information for Employees


No Surprise Billing

The document attached below provides detailed information about the federal No Surprises Act.
Prohibition on Balance Billing

Federal Surprise Billing Notice from United Healthcare

Attached below is a proposed email response for a Housing Authority to send to any out-of-network provider when the Housing Authority learns that the out-of-network provider is still “balance billing” HBP participants for services on or after January 1, 2022.  Each Housing Authority is free to revise for tone or to otherwise personalize, but the substantive message should not be changed. 
Proposed Email for Housing Authorities to send to out-of-network providers who continue to “balance bill”

Claim Forms

Medical Out of Network

Pharmacy Reimbursement


VSP Vision

UHC Vision (Out of Network)


Life Insurance Information

Portability and Conversion at a glance

Conversion Application

Portability Application

The Standard’s Death Claim Packet

Instructions for completing the Death Claim Packet

Vimly’s W-9

Waiver of Group Health Benefits

HBP Plan and Trust Document

Privacy Notice