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Weight loss program with lasting results, at no additional cost to members.


Training Links

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How to Create Passion and Motivation in the Workplace (workbook)
How to Manage your Finances (workbook)
How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace (workbook)
How to Manage Customer Expectations (workbook)
How to Improve Communication Skills (workbook)
Boost Energy Naturally (workbook)
How to Work with Difficult Customers (workbook)
Making the Most of Your Working Day (workbook)
How to Create a Respectful Workplace (workbook)
Best Practices for Working Remotely During COVID-19
Losing Weight Effectively (workbook)


Transparency in Coverage

Under the “Transparency in Coverage Rules, the Housing Benefits Plan insurer, UnitedHealthcare, is required to make public certain “machine-readable files” showing (1) in-network negotiated payment rates, (2) historical out-of-network allowed amounts, and (3) in-network rates and historical costs for prescription drugs (NOTE: the requirement to provide this third file is not yet effective).  As required UnitedHealthcare has posted these files on their website.  For your convenience, here is a link to the UnitedHealthcare machine-readable files.”

Once on the Transparency in Coverage page, enter this file name in the search bar:


and hit search.The file will come up. Keep in mind that the files can be up to one terabyte in size, so system capacity and memory should be checked before downloading them. They are machine readable JSON files, not easily interpreted or searchable. To open them you will need to search for free applications supporting the download and viewing of JSON files. This can be a time consuming, difficult task. You may prefer to wait for a member-friendly consumer price transparency tool that will be available in 2023 and 2024.

Virtual Visits

24/7 access to a doctor from your mobile device or computer to diagnose and treat non-emergency medical conditions.

The Virtual Visit is at no additional cost to members, when using one of the  in-network providers: AmWell, Tel-A-Doc, Doctors on Demand, or Optum Virtual Care.